Why Is Vodka Best Suited For Cocktails

This question may be running through your mind for a long time now, because thousands of cocktails use Vodka as the primary alcoholic ingredient and they all taste amazing. 

To be fair, we are not going to argue that Vodka is the best cocktail ingredient, but let us just see what makes Vodka one of the most popular alcoholic spirits to go into a cocktail.

From a simple drink like The Madras drink, to a complex drink like the Long Island Tea, Vodka is everywhere. You can see the recipe of Madras drink here.

Characteristics of Vodka:

You need to know what Vodka is and how it is made.

Vodka is yet another distilled liquor coming from fermentation of Cereal grains and recently from Potatoes. These ingredients are mashed and fermented and the fermented product is distilled to extract out.

This extract is further processed to make a highly neutral and clear alcoholic substance that is mostly without any flavors. 

  • Vodka is a clear, neutral spirit, which means it is colorless, tasteless and odorless. 
  • Vodka is distilled and filtered several times to remove any flavoring substances and to keep only alcohol and water, to the best possibility.
  • Vodka is a mix-with-all drink. Means, it goes well with almost any other drink you can think of.
  • Vodka can be made from almost anything that contains sugar. There are no specifications like the other spirits, where Vodka can be made from anything and ultimately distilled and flavors removed.

So, Why is Vodka best for Cocktails?

Number 1. Vodka is tasteless and colorless, and it has a higher percentage of Alcohol than other spirits. 

This means that it can be mixed with anything and still take only the taste and flavor of the mixing juice.

For instance, in a Lychee Martini that uses Vodka as the only alcoholic spirit, the lychee syrup mixes with Vodka and the cocktail tastes just like Lychee Juice. You should try out the Lychee martini once!

This gives a feeling to you that you can mix any kind of drink to Vodka and you still won’t feel like drinking an alcoholic beverage, but still get intoxicated.

Number 2. Since this can go well with any other fruits or drinks, you can make Vodka-infused drinks at your home. 

For instance, you can mix vodka in a glass with lemon fruit and leave it for a few days. You take it out, remove the fruit and what you get is a Lemon Vodka. This can be used in Cocktails.

You can never get this type of freedom with literally any other spirits in the world.