10 IPAs you've probably never tried (but need to)


IPAs are never going out of style (at least that's what we think) and as long as craft beer has been a thing, IPAs have dominated. You might even have a friend that's gone to …



STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Omnipollo is an award winning beer producer that was founded in 2011 by Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin. We conceive our recipes at home and travel to different breweries across the globe to craft our …

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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK In 2006 he was a math and physics teacher that started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast back home in his kitchen in Copenhagen. Today Mikkel Borg Bjergsø exports his micro brewed beer to …


Les Trois Mousquetaires


BROSSARD, QC, CANADA Les Trois Mousquetaires is a microbrewery located in Brossard, Quebec. We are specialists in craft beers. Known experts in the field, our products are of incomparable quality. From regular products to Grande Cuvée products, your taste buds will find …


People Like Us


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK People Like Us is a danish brewing company, run by autists, supported by Mikkeller. People Like Us was founded by the brothers Lars and Jesper Carlsen in August 2016, and the company is seated in …




TORONTO, ON, CANADA When it comes to our beers, these have evolved (and will continue to evolve) over time – and it makes sense, because we’ve travelled, collaborated, and learned a lot since we opened. We …


Aslin Brewing


HERNDON, VA, USA Since the inception of Aslin Beer Company, Andrew, Kai, & Richard wanted to create a company that they all would want to work for. They have strived to create a culture that celebrates beer with …

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Moon Dog


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA We love making beer. But not just any old beer... We love making Really Ridiculously Fun Beer! For us, beer is meant to be fun. We like to be adventurous and innovative with our brewing, …



HELSINGBORG, SWEDEN Brewski is so much more than just beer. Its a lifestyle. Its a lifetime commitment. We strive for the highest level of craft beer when it comes to taste, look and mouthfeel. There is …



GLENDALE, NY, USA Our aim is to make great beer following our passion for flavor and complexity from quality ingredients and small batch artisanal brewing. We brew fun, unique beers made for enjoyment. We like it …


Dieu Du Ciel!


MONTREAL, QC, CANADA We aspire to be a standard in the brewing community in terms of the quality and integrity of our products We aim to become an inspiration and a model when it comes to business …




BURNABY, BC, CANADA Crafted in the Belgian Tradition. Brewed in British Columbia. Dageraad Brewing is a small-batch artisan brewery bringing our love of Belgian beer culture to. dageraadbrewing.com


Civil Society


JUPITER, FL, USA The spirit of our brewery starts with our exceptional love of beer, our unique recipes, and our strong sense of independence. We consistently strive to push the boundaries and bring a little Florida …




MEADVILLE, PA, USA The Employee Owners of Voodoo Brewing Co. have taken our brewing experiences and quirky personalities and wrapped it up into a line of beers oriented around what we feel are fun, flavorful, and …




LANDVETTER, SWEDEN Brewing our beer. Preaching our brews. Living the dream. And, loving every minute of it! dugges.se


Garage Beer


BARCELONA, SPAIN Garage Beer Co is a Barcelona-based craft beer brewery and bar, located right in the city centre. Come and visit us today. garagebeer.co




CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA Our goal is to make beer that you’ve never had anywhere else (or at least that you can't find very easily), but beer that is still drinkable and enjoyable. We want to use tradition as a …


Cruz Blanca


CHICAGO, IL, USA Cruz Blanca is a place to settle in and sample craft beers made in that European tradition — Bieres de Garde and many more—with a Mexican touch, all expressed with local ingredients. Think …




DUNHAM, QC, CANADA The Dunham Brewery was created on June 1, 2011. Our portfolio reflects the passion for this noble nectar of the people. Inspired by European classical brewing traditions, our know-how is resolutely turned towards the …


Twin Sails


PORT MOODY, BC, CANADA A bunch of guys who love beer that decided to make it for others. twinsailsbrewing.com


Weird Beard


LONDON, UK Born kicking, screaming and moshing into the London beer scene in early 2013, Weird Beard Brew Co don't believe in being stereotyped. We love upfront, in-your-face, hop-focused beers, along with classic styles. We want …


B Nektar


FERNDALE, MI, USA Guided by geeky imagination, influenced by sub-pop culture and never satisfied with the status quo, B. Nektar aims to bring a modern twist on mead as well as diversify craft mead, cider and …




GUELPH, ON, CANADA To us, Revel Cider is an art project. We unapologetically make the ciders that we want to drink. We create Urban Farmhouse style ciders: through mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. We create our ciders …


Other Half


BROOKLYN, NY, USA In 2014, Sam Richardson, Matt Monahan and Andrew Burman founded Other Half Brewing Company, a local brewery in New York City with a simple mission: to create beers that they wanted to drink from a company that they wanted …


Half Hours on Earth


SEAFORTH, ON, CANADA Farmhouse as f**k. halfhoursonearth.com


West Ave


FREELTON, ON, CANADA Our cider is a nod to traditional country flavours, but we can’t resist a bit of big-city fancy. From sessionable year-round staples to our more innovative barrel-aged and cask-conditioned ciders, find out why …


Great Lakes


ETOBICOKE, ON, CANADA A fiercely independent owned and operated brewery, Great Lakes celebrated 30 years in the craft beer business in 2017 by releasing over 100 different beers. Great Lakes specializes in producing flavourful beers that will be sure to awaken your taste …




TALLINN, ESTONIA We are Põhjala Brewery. Our beers are inspired by our heritage, local nature and cuisine. We take well‑known beer styles and add our own distinctive twist with surprising ingredients or long barrel aging. pohjalabeer.com


Marz Community Brewing


CHICAGO, IL, USA Marz Community Brewing Co. is dedicated to making small, artisanal batches of beer in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Then we share them with our families, community, and friends we have yet …


Wild Beer

SOMERSET, UK The Wild Beer Co was born out of a love of fermentation, barrel-ageing and most importantly, flavour. We believe exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion. Our beers are brewed using modern creative techniques …


Evil Twin


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK All good intentions to disturb, disorder and enlighten you with unforgettable beer after beer. Because We are so much in love with good taste, all the beers from Evil Twin are prepared in 10 of the …


To Øl

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Let’s get this straight – To Øl is what people call a gypsy brewery (or pirate/nomad/contract/gold digger brewery – whatever suits your fancy). Basically this means we don’t own our own brewing facilities but lend in …


Magic Rock

HUDDERSFIELD, UK We are committed to making a full range of modern, flavourful, hop forward & ‘big’ beers using the best available ingredients and techniques for drinkers unwilling to compromise on flavour. This uncompromising attitude runs …



BRIDGMAN, MICHIGAN, USA Midwestern brewer of modern farmhouse ales, focusing on traditional methods and oak fermentation to produce a product that is a representation of the area. transientartisanales.com


Stillwater Artisanal

BALTIMORE/NY, USA Started in 2010, Stillwater Artisanal is the brainchild of Baltimore native Brian Strumke, whose past life as an internationally renowned electronica DJ and producer strangely led him down a path to crafting some of …


18th Street


HAMMOND, IN, USA Founded as a home brewery in 2010 by Drew Fox, 18th Street Brewery has quickly become Northwest Indiana's second largest brewery. 18th Street is comprised of hard working, motivated individuals who strive to …