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Dine Alone Records Pop-Up Stage


We're excited to have Dine Alone Records Wax On Wheels hanging out at LiquidArtFestival. The Wax On Wheels stage will feature acoustic performances by Spencer Burton (Friday Session), and Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club (Saturday Sessions)!


Meet the Artists


Liquid Art Fest is a celebration of beer, music and art. With some of the world's best brewers in the beer garden and stellar musical talent on stage, we knew it was critical to up …


Banksy's Haight Street Rat


We're excited to be bringing notorious street artist Banksy's "Haight Street Rat" to the Liquid Art Festival! The original piece was painted by the mysterious British graffiti artist in San Francisco in 2010, and has …

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Mt. Joy


Mt. Joy is an Indie Folk band from Philadelphia, currently recording their first full-length album in Los Angeles, CA. Matt Quinn (Vocals/Guitar) and Sam Cooper (Guitar) met in high school and started performing songs together in 2005. After …

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Toronto's Twist was first conceived in late 2013 as a collaborative project between songwriter Laura Hermiston and Brian Borchedt of Holy Fuck. The pair met as Hermiston's earlier band was dissolving and Borchedt was in …

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Lost Cousins


Family isn’t always bound by blood. In the case of Lost Cousins it is bound through the kindred connection found in their distinct blend of psychedelic rock. Coming together as students in Kingston, ON, Dylan …

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The Beaches


Toronto-based band The Beaches are a little bit glam rock and a little bit garage. They’re tremendously warm cool girls with an infectious edge—the kind you’d want to introduce to your parents and then sneak out and …

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Jane's Party


Having played together since 2006, the members of Toronto-based pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party – Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu, Jeff Giles, and Zach Sutton – are moving forward with the momentum and confidence of a band …

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Charly Bliss


If it’s true that listening to just the right record at just the right moment can psychically transport you to some other time and place, then Charly Bliss—an NYC band responsible for having crafted some …